Mexican Street Corn Recipe (Elote) + 7 Tips You Don’t Know!

Easy Elote Recipe or Mexican Street Corn Recipe

Side veiw of street corn recipe or Elote recipe!

Where to begin with Mexican street corn or better yet “Elote”! I guess we can take a quick look into the history of Elote or Mexican street corn!

First things first, Corn. Well, it’s safe to say that corn has been around for thousands of years. So it makes sense that we have found so many uses for it. I mean you can get three ears for a dollar during the summertime.  We use corn for fuel, we turn it into grain alcohol, and don’t even get me started on the tortilla!

Hundreds of years ago, indigenous tribes of Mexican started to cultivate this crop and experiment with its uses. It’s insane to think of how much time has gone by and what has changed while other things haven’t changed much at all.

Let’s fast forward to the present day, into the streets of Mexico. Vendors are pushing carts along local streets selling corn to people passing by. Elote is a is only one of two different corn dishes they are selling. The other dish isn’t much different though when it comes to the ingredients and preparation. What I’m talking about is, Esquites. Esquites translates to corn kernels, while the latter translates to “corn on the cob”. This makes sense, right!

Whichever dish you choose takes little to no time to prepare and get to your hands. As your walking away, food in hand, you take a bite and are shocked by a dish that is packed full of flavor. Not only is this dish packed with deliciousness, but it was also easy to prepare and, best of all, CHEAP!

Vegan Elote Recipe Ingredients


Duh!! We are going to need corn if we are making an Elote recipe right? You should get fresh corn for sure!

Yum Yum Sauce

This isn’t the traditional sauce you would find on an authentic Elotes. Traditionally, this is served with just mayonnaise on it, but were gonna turn up the flavor with my Vegan Yum Yum Sauce Recipe!

Vegan Parmesan

Can miss out on the vegan parmesan! Usually, this is served on the streets of Mexico with cotija cheese, but the Vegan Parmesan Recipe will do perfectly fine!


This is ingredient brings your Elote to a whole other level! Don’t skip out on this one! You can find this ingredient on the international isle at your local supermarket!

Street corn close up. End result of Elote recipe !

How To Cook The Best Mexican Street Corn

Traditionally, the Elote recipe is cooked inside its husk. Basically, the husk is peeled back and the fibrous inside is scooped away. The husk is then wrapped back around the corn and it is grilled. This creates a steam-like effect so the corn is cooked all the way through. We can work out a way around that though, plus is have a cooler idea for the husk. Another way to cook the corn all the way through is to boil it first.

This is perfect for restaurants, parties, or maybe a backyard BBQ with a bunch of people coming. The next tactic and y personal favorite is to just grill it all the way. This will accumulate some pretty decent char around the outside of the corn so if your not a fan of char then boiling first is the way for you.

Once the corn its cooked, however you see fit, it is then topped with delicious toppings. Coated with mayonnaise, Mexican crema, or a combination of both (spoiler alert). Now that the outside is coated, you may think we are done but we are not!! The corn is then garnished with a variety of things from chili powder to cotija cheese. This is the basic way , and it’s delicious, but I’m not basic and you shouldn’t be either!

Street corn recipe or elote recipe!

I’m going to take you on a delicious journey with this recipe and I’m going to show you different ways to prepare this recipe to fit your needs. Whether you need this dish for a family dinner or your trying to blow your neighbor’s BBQ out of the water with some unique side dishes. I got your back!! Learn how to make street corn on the grill!

How To Make Street Corn on The Grill

If you want to make street corn on the grill, which I highly recommend you should, try out these steps to get the best product!

  • First things first, try pre cooking the corn! Most of the time your grill needs to be raging hot to get those great char marks we all love. If you throw raw corn onto a hot grill chances are you will have a good char on the outside but the corn wont be cooked all the way. Try boiling your corn for a minute or two before grilling, this will solve that problem completely

  • If you are a planner like me, soften your corn in cold water for 30 minutes up to 8 hours before grilling. This will help soften the corn without cooking it. The reason why this is such a good trick is because the corn’s texture will soften but still retain its juices. Making your Elote recipe delicious and irresistible!

  • The last option is also a great way to cook Elote! You can always just grill the Mexican street corn in the husk! This adds to the corns Smokey flavor while it steams inside the husk. Once it is steamed enough, you can remove it from the husks and throw it back on the grill to get those beautiful marks!

  • Try cutting the cob down into smaller pieces! After shucking the corn and removing all the pesky fibers, cut the corn into thirds. This will make sure the corn gets the char it needs in each section! Its a little more work but the end result is way better and more thorough. This is also perfect for sharing with a bunch of people!

How to cook street corn on the grill for an elote recipe

Mexican Street Corn (Elote) Tricks and Tips

Pre Cook

Whether you are boiling it, steaming it or just soaking it for a while. After you shuck the corn, there needs to be some sort of pre cooking process! This will ensure your corn is ready for consumption straight off the grill!

Turn Up The Smoke

This street corn recipe benefits greatly from a smoky flavor! Use this to your advantage and grill the corn in the husk before grilling it directly. If you dont like the sound of that, add some soaked wood chips to your grill and create your own little smoker! Your corn will thank you for it!

Char is Good

When grilling the corn directly on the grill, dont be afraid of char ! Believe me when i tell you, in this street corn recipe, char is good!

Cut The Corn to Share

Even if this is just for dinner one night, cut your corn into smaller pieces. This gives you more control over the char on each piece and it also lets people enjoy a few of them. Its the psychology of eating more than one thing. Even though they will probably end up eating the same amount of corn as they would have, less feels like more!

Use the Husk to Your Advantage

This is a cool trick to turn a full corn on the cob to a passable side! Using just the husk as a handle! Yup that’s right! Check this out.

  • Cut the tips off all of the ears of corn. The tip is the side that the fibers are protruding out of. Be sure to cut at least an inch down, you are going to cut through a little bit of the corn but this is fine. Now that the tips are cut off you will be able to start peeling back the husk.

  • Fully commit on pulling back the husks but be sure to keep them intact at the base of the cob. This is the bottom part opposite of the side we cut, usually, there is a stalk. Stop shucking the corn at the stalk.

  • Now is the time to remove as many fibers as you can without losing any husk off the corn. It’s ok if you can’t get them all, the important part is that they are off the corn itself.

  • Take your butchers twine and cut 5 pieces of string about 6-8 inches long. Tie the twine around the pulled back husks, tightly. The string should tighten all the way down to the stalk.

Corn with husk handles on the grill. Cooking corn for an elote recipe or street corn recipe.


I highly recommend buying this ingredient and using it on your Elote recipe or Mexican street corn recipe. Im telling you, this one ingredient takes this whole recipe to a new level! Don’t skip the Tajin!

What you will need!

Cutting board

Chef knife


Tray transport and dress corn

Vessels for your garnishes

Serving platter



Butchers twine

Elote recipe or mexican street corn recipe in a square white porcelain dish with lime wedge on wooden table.

Vegan Mexican Street Corn

Chef Mason Bostwick
An amazing flavor roundhouse kick to the face!
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 50 mins
Course Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Mexican, Vegan
Servings 5 Servings


  • 5 ears Corn tip cuts off and husk pulled back
  • 2 Tbsp Vegan Mayonnaise
  • 2 Tbsp Vegan Yum Yum Sauce
  • ¼ Cup Vegan Parmesan
  • ¼ Cup Tajin
  • ¼ Cup Cilantro chopped
  • 2 ea Limes quartered


  • Gather your ingredients together and keep them separate for now.
  • Light your grill and wait for it to get hot. While it is getting hot, go ahead and throw your corn on the grill (inside the husks).
  • Steam your corn on the grill until it gets completely hot, then for 3 minutes or more (depends on temperature) while its heated fully. Be sure to rotate the corn from time to time using a pair of tongs.
  • Now that the corn is steamed in the husk, you will know be the outer husk is almost burnt, remove from the heat. Let cool for a couple minutes, then remove from husk. Cut down the corn at this time if you choose to do so.
  • Time to grill the corn up! Place the corn on the grill turn the corn with pristine accuracy so you get your desired char level.
  • Once the corn is grilled, place into a mixing bowl with the mayonnaise and yum yum sauce and toss until it is completely coated. Then transfer onto a serving dish.
  • Garnish the saucy corn with vegan parmesan, chopped cilantro, and tajin! Enjoy!
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Need a recipe for Vegan Yum Yum Sauce? Check out my recipe here!

Might as well make everything from scratch! Check out my Vegan Parmesan Block recipe here!! Last but not least, you definitely need to use my Vegan Mayo recipe!

Vegan Elote Recipe FAQs

Why do you hang the tied husks off the grill?

You don’t want to burn the husks because later on, people will be able to use them to hold the corn while they eat!! If you burn the husks, then they wont serve as a good handle!

How should I serve this street corn recipe at a gathering?

If you are doing these as a passed appetizer, You could cut them into sections. Using a sharp knife to chop through the cob is not unheard of by any means.

Maybe, you are having a more formal gathering, and being messy isn’t the best look. The may I recommend cutting the kernels off the cob entirely. Whatever you want to do, this stuff is going to rock!!

What if I dont want my corn completely covered in sauce?

I’m not here to judge! Use as much sauce as you want! I will say the more traditional method would be to cover the entire cob in sauces and garnishes. That doesnt meat you have to do it though!

I have bad teeth and I can bite into corn, can I still use this recipe?

Sure you can! After the corn is grilled, simply cut the kernels off the cob and and follow the recipe as is after that! No issue at all, this Mexican street corn recipe is actually called Esquites!

Is Mexican street corn (Elote) healthy?

This recipe actually is healthy by comparison to a similar recipe using animal products. If you use this Elote recipe as is, you wont have to worry about health concerns. I would check the links to make sure my recipes dont use any other allergens you need to be aware of.

How long does it take corn on the cob to boil?

at a rolling boil, corn on the cobb takes 5 minutes!

Can you reheat this Elote recipe?

Yes you can! Don’t garnish any of the corn cobs or cobettes unless you plan on eating them. They dont reheat well if you coat them in sauce and top them with garnishes.

Here are some other Elote recipe blogs that are definitely worth the look! Good looking street corn guys!

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